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Fields of application:

manufacturing parts - parts subject to wear - Punching, bending, drawing and pressing tools - plastic and rubber jet molds - die-cast metal molds - cutting tools for metals, plastics and wood, such as reamers, drills, chamfering drills, milling tools, screw taps, broaches, etc.


increased efficency with wocafix-coating                         (average values)


The Wocafix appliance 2020 electronic: successful used by the fabrication of following products:

aeroplanes meters and measuring instruments
amunition and weapons motorcycles and bicycles
automobiles and accessories ornaments and toys
bottles packagings
chrome steel vessels porcelain, glass and ceramics
clocks and chronological appliances profiles and tubes
computers and office machines radios, record players, tape recorders and televisions
cutlery, scissors, knives screws, nuts and ironware
electrical household appliances sewing and knitting machines
electro-motors, transformers telephonic and remote signalling apparatus
film and photographic apparatus, projectors Washing, drying and dish washing machines
general metal goods for household and industry wire and cable fabrication
lamps, lighting units etc.

sample coating

Wocafix hard metal coating appliances are Swiss Products of high quality and precision standard, tried and tested.